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Gene Trask with a high-wheel bicycle at the 1955 Ringgold County Centennial.

November 27, 2019

Thanks to Mari McGehee for this week’s photo showing Gene Trask on East Madison Street. Behind Gene is the Sandwich Shop (left) and Art’s Radio & TV (right). I don’t believe I’ve covered Mount Ayr’s early radio and television shops so we’ll do that now. Most of my information comes from Record-News newspapers. The first…

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Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy depot at Redding in 1914.

November 20, 2019

BY MIKE AVITT I was very fortunate to come across this picture of the Redding railroad station recently. This view is looking north and we can see some of the homes in “old” Redding on the right. Old Redding was about a quarter of a mile north-northeast of present-day Redding. A town company platted Redding…

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Entrance to the Mt. Ayr Tourist Park in the early 1920s.

October 30, 2019

BY MIKE AVITT I must apologize for spelling Rodger Gatton’s name wrong in last week’s article. And I made an omission. Hanoco Oil Co. was a big distributor of welding supplies. People from many miles away came for their large inventory of welding supplies and equipment. So, last week I highlighted Hanoco Oil Co. of…

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Snapshot of History

October 16, 2019

BY MIKE AVITT This photo, which seems to have been taken in the 1950s, shows the Hanoco Oil Co. filling station and cottages on the west side of Highway 69, formerly the Jefferson Highway. The Jefferson Highway was the first transcontinental highway in the U. S. stretching from New Orleans, Louisiana to Winnipeg, Canada. The…

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Bank and post office buildings at Diagonal in January 2007

October 9, 2019

BY MIKE AVITT Last year, I wrote an article stating the post office building in Diagonal was built in 1919. That was my error; the Diagonal Post Office building was erected in 1925. The post office did move to the east side of Broadway Street in 1919, but not to the building in this week’s…

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Snapshot of History by Mike Avitt

October 2, 2019

BY MIKE AVITT I talk to people often about Ringgold County history and there are a few businesses and buildings that very few people remember, even though they are somewhat recent. This church building is very near the top of that list. In March 1938 a house was torn down across the street east of…

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Walnut Valley rural school about 90 years ago.

September 18, 2019

BY MIKE AVITT Thanks to Lola Link for this week’s picture. We can see the school bell on a small tower to the right of the building. The sign below the bell says, “Walnut Valley – 1906 – Dist. No. 7.” Walnut Valley was in Section 25 of Washington Township. For those of you who…

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Snapshot of History: Eighmy Monument

September 11, 2019

BY MIKE AVITT In the early days of Mount Ayr, the town had multiple monument companies. One was operated by Ralph H. Stone who had several brief partners and was located on many sites until 1908. In that year he purchased the old Williams Hotel, dismantled the hotel, and built his new workshop on the…

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Snapshot of History: Polk Street and Hwy 2

September 4, 2019

BY MIKE AVITT I’m back after a wild week at Wildwood Hills Ranch. We have another aerial photo this week and I believe this picture was taken by Mabel McCullough Rice as she was an aviatrix and this was her property. Bob Sickels worked for Mabel in the early 1960s and he remembers the place…

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Avitt recalls service at Wildwood Hills Ranch

August 28, 2019

by Mike Avitt I spent a week at a horse ranch/resort in rural Madison County and I felt compelled to share with you what I’ve learned and experienced. Wildwood Hills Ranch of Iowa was started in 2001 and is located four miles west of St. Charles, Iowa. It is a 470 acre, faith-based facility designed…

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