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Althea Ramona Hineline Schad January 30, 1922 – August 26, 2011

    The light of my life has gone out for my life’s love, but a soft, gentle comforting glow remains, it will never go out. She is on her way to forever. Soon I will catch up with that glow and we will be together forever. I will miss the love of my life, but I will have so many wonderful memories that will occupy my remaining time here on this earth. We were meant for each other. We spent nearly 63 years together. She kept me on the straight and narrow.
    When I started to rave and rant, she quietly said, ‘Stop it,’ and I knew from the tone of her voice that the order would be obeyed so I stopped it. We stood side by side through all those years. We were both born to poor parents but our lives only gradually got better from conception to our final years.
    We went through the hard life only to reach the more fortunate part of our life after retirement. Our last years were much better than the past ones. My desire was to see her retired as much as me. We moved to Maple Ridge and my goal was attained. But she still washed our clothes. I cannot believe how fortunate we have been.
    She wanted to go first. She did not want to live without me. Cancer solved that for her. She didn’t know she had it. She did not want  to go through treatment. She was never in pain. She was kept comforted and it all came about within a couple of weeks. I stayed with her to the end and held her hand until the end came at 1:15 a.m. the morning of August 26. How fortunate we have been.
    Althea Ramona Hineline was born in Florence, Nebraska to James F. and Martha Green Hineline on January 30, 1922. She received her education in the Florence schools through 10th grade. She took a GED course and graduated with her youngest son at the old Afton high school. She was the fifth child of nine children. She had four brothers and five sisters. Three brothers and two sisters preceded her in death as did her parents. She is survived by her loving husband; two sons, Larry D. and wife Joyce of Creston, Iowa and Gary R. and wife Carol Lee of Shell Knob, Missouri; five grandchildren; 14 great-grandchildren; sisters, Mary Davis of Atlantic, Iowa and Norma Hatcher of Hindsville, Arkansas; other relatives; numerous nieces and nephews, and many friends.
    She was a quiet gentle soul. She loved us all with all her heart and  soul. She worked beside me on the farm and loved the farm life. She was a great gardener and had a yard full of flowers. I taught her to shoot a rifle and shotgun and she had a dead eye. One day she opened her porch door and faced a badger not six feet away. In checking the cattle one day, she came upon a sleeping coyote and both were very surprised. She loved working with the cattle. She put hay bales in the elevator for me and she drove the tractor.
    She left the city out of her life. She was a thrifty person. I would say, ‘Mona, why don’t you get some better clothes’? Her answer was, ‘These will do.’ She never in all our married years asked me to take her anyplace. I would say, ‘Shouldn’t we go see your parents’? and she would say, ‘I suppose so.’ She was always satisfied with things as they were. Most times we never went anyplace without each other.
    What a wonderful person. She loved me for whatever reason and I loved her. We bid you a fond farewell, Mona.
               — Earle Schad

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