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Stereotypes and misinformation

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  1. Dug Garrett on January 3, 2020 at 2:24 pm

    Adam Freeman must be very young.
    “President Woodrow Wilson, a highly educated man, had a highly racist film (Dixon’s, Birth of a Nation) screened at the White House in 1915.”
    Watching a film young Adam thinks is racist (wonder if he ever watched the film) makes you a racist? I hope he is not the product of My Ayr schools. I am in the camp of those who think Wilson was one of the three worst US Presidents…..but watching a film, even if it was racist, does not make Wilson or anyone else a racist.
    The mayor of a small W.VA town says something Adam finds racist… this the best proof he can come up with to indict the US as a racist country or a country where blacks are targeted by the media?

    Education may indeed be a key…….and Adam Freeman needs to find this key, especially the classes dealing with logic and history.

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