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Please caucus for Sanders

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  1. Dug Garrett on February 2, 2020 at 3:07 pm


    You cannot possibly believe what you have written. It’s impossible. There are not enough Doc./Nurses/Other providers/Facilities in the country to provide services under such a plan. Additionally, this type of program would further discourage people entering the medical fields, further exacerbating medical care personnel shortages. Finally, it is a financial impossibility to provide such services….the cost to the individual would be prohibitive, if the state were to subsidize the plan, it would bankrupt the country by taking nearly all federal receipts to fund.

    Lastly, the plan you support does NOTHING to address one of the biggest fundamental problems in our current system……how to make medicine a more attractive career to alleviate the severe shortages of Docs and other professionals in the field.

    dug garrett

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