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Looking Back with Lora Stull

One Hundred Years Ago
(From the Mount Ayr Record-News, Thursday, October 20, 1920.)
The Union Savings Bank at Redding was robbed last night. The loss has not been fully determined as yet but includes about $200 in bonds and $845 in currency. In addition to this there was taken $600 worth of government stamps, which were being held in the vaults for the government. About 2/3 of the safety deposit boxes were ransacked but the loss from these cannot be determined until inspectors arrive from Des Moines to photograph the vault for finger prints. The robbery was evidently the work of experts as after entering through the rear door they chiseled through the brick wall of the vault unlocking the door from the inside and leaving the vault through the door. A crowbar and pick which had been taken from the section house were found in the building this morning.
Marriages: October 16, Millard Holden and Alta Fitzsimmons.
Obituaries in this edition: Elvyn Clarence Brooner and Sarah Elizabeth Kipp Johnston.
Years Ago
(From the Mount Ayr Record News, Thursday, October 11, 1945.)
E.L. (Ted) Marrs has opened a radio repair shop in the basement under the Clyde Lesan Co. office on the NE corner of the square. Mr. Marrs has had eleven years of experience in radio work and is a factory authorized member of Philco Radio Service.
The first killing frost and freeze this fall was reported Monday night, according to Mrs. Willis Hood, local weather observer. The mercury dropped to 27 degrees.
Mrs. Roy Leply, county health chairman of Ringgold County, reported today that 109 rural people in our county have taken advantage of their opportunity to become members of the Blue Cross Plan of Hospitalization during the recent campaign. Many other counties in Iowa have followed the same procedure, resulting in hospital protection for over 25,000 rural residents in the state.
Farm Bureau News: A report on the national food situation, according to the Bureau of Agriculture Economics is that meats, canned fish, canned fruits, vegetables, turkey, chicken, milk, and potatoes will be materially larger than in the same period a year ago.
Marriages: October 4, Bertha Saville and Quentin Abarr…October 4, Beulah lane and Kenneth Wilson…Hazel Smith and AM 1-C Darrell Smith…September 29, Vivian Brown and Paul Beals…October 2, Leonta Beck and John Newton.
Births: September 26, a girl, to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Farrell.
Fifty Years Ago
(From the Mount Ayr Record News, Thursday,  September 27, 1970.)
Army Specialist Four Jerry A. Monday, son of Mr. and Mrs. Denzil Monday of Redding, recently received the Silver Star Medal in Vietnam. The Silver Star, third highest award for heroism, was presented to him in recognition of his act of bravery under hostile fire. The award was given for his valorous action which contributed to his unit’s successful execution of its mission against hostile force. Specialist 4 Monday, received the award while assigned as a combat medical airman in Company B, 1st Battalion, 327th Infantry, 1st Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division. He entered the Army in June 1969.
September 6, Louise Palmer and Jerry Donald were united in marriage.
Births: September 21, a son, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pollock.
Student Ayr: MACHS cheerleaders attend annual clinic. “Cheerleaders Do Your Thing!” This is what our five cheerleaders, Vickie Butler, Lana Sickels, Janet Packwood, Sandy Frost, and Vickie Sickels learned at the cheerleading clinic at St. Joseph, MO., September 12…Opinion Poll: Which one or your subjects are most enjoying this year ? Connie Frost: “Psycology, because now we know why we do such dumb things;”
Dennis Breckenridge: “Speech & Drama, in there we play charades and act like animals, machines and teachers.”
Twenty Five Years Ago
(From the Mount Ayr Record News, Thursday, September 21, 1995.)
A proclamation by Maloy mayor has told Iowa Select Farms that they are unwelcome in the Maloy community. Iowa Select Farms  has purchased a portion of the Bickel farm near Maloy and is increasing the size of the hog operation there, Mayor, Brian Terrell of Maloy, in response to the “rapid construction of an undetermined number of confinement buildings just outside the city limits” signed the proclamation Monday naming the presence of Iowa Select Farms as unwelcome to the community.
A preliminary restraining order has been granted halting the operation of a Missouri company alleged to have taken money from Iowans in a cattle grazing project. A hearing is set in Ringgold County district court Monday, October 2, at 11 a.m. to have a permanent injunction granted to the state against Stargrazer Cattle Company Inc. and three defendants, Leo “Pat” Patterson, Colin Foster and Walter C. Duryea.
September 16, Kevin Jackson and Melanie Murphy were united in marriage.
Obituaries in this edition were: Mary Maude McCarty Burgher, Marfie Marie Wright Schnackenberg, and Mabel Smith Fink.
Ten Years Ago
(From the Mount Ayr Record News, Thursday, September 16, 2010.)
A retirement party for Ranger Rick Hawkins was held at Poe Hollow Park for his 30 years as the director of DNR conservation.
Vietnam moving wall coming to Lamoni. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial moving wall will be on display in Lamoni from September 16-20.
The Mount Ayr Community football team is going pink for homecoming football game this year. The football team has designated homecoming 2010 as a cancer awareness game. “ Tackle Cancer” is the theme that the team has chosen for the game and a number of special promotions have been set for homecoming week, according to co-head coach Delwyn Showalter.
Births: September 9, a son, Benjamin, to Tim and Marie Stephens.
Obituaries in this edition were, Michael Wayne George and Eddie Joe Hutchinson.

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