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Stop Puppy Mills

To the editor:
I am addressing this letter to the Iowa Legislature and the Governor in an appeal for them to outlaw the evil business of “puppy mills,” where thousands of innocent animals suffer daily abuse, neglect and even death.
Case in point, the story of the Redding puppy mill operated by Daniel Gingerich, who put greed and his profits above the welfare of the helpless animals in his so-called care. Unspeakably filthy conditions, dogs left in cages in the boiling sun, dead and dying puppies were found at the facility.
Unfortunately, Daniel Gingerich is not the only individual involved in this cruel business and the state of Iowa has the power to put an end to it if they only will.
So, contact the Governor at this address, 1007 E. Grand Ave, Des Moines, Iowa 50319, official phone 515-281-5211, email:
State Senator: Mark Costello, cell: 712-520-0303, home address: 37265 Rains Ave, Imogene, IA 51645, email:
For Representative Dolecheck, official address 1007 East Grand, Des Moines Iowa 50319, email cecil.dolecheck@legis.iowa. gov and 515-281-3221.
Let’s put a stop to the horrific abuse of these innocent creatures.
Another way to put an end to this cruel trade is make sure that if you do buy a puppy, it is from a responsible breeder otherwise adopt a rescue. I have two rescues from Animal Alliance and they are wonderful loving animals.
Mary Kathryn Gepner

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