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Republicans support Ukraine?

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  1. Sandra Lamb on March 5, 2022 at 7:45 am

    Mary Kay Gepner should get over her Trump phobia and come to today’s world. The honorable Chuck Grassley has served Iowa and our country very well and deserves better than Mary Kay gives him in her letter. Lives of innocent people are being lost. Trump has condemned Putin’s actions None of this would have happened if Trump were in office. The pipeline between Germany and Russia would not have happened . The money from the sale of oil would not be funding Russia’s aggression . And the U SA would not be importing oil. We would be energy independent. There would be lower fuel prices. The price of fuel directly impacts every segment of our lives. Every thing goes up food , building supplies, transportation, energy prices , oil is used in manufacturing almost everything. So anyone who still believes in Biden’s policies should go live with him in la la land. I would advise MaryKay to read more current events listen to news and get her head out if Biden’s uh hum and stop harping on republicans. Most Americans know we had life a lot better with Trump in office. He may have hurt your feelings with bluster and bravado but at least he was looking out for us and not the Chinese. But then he wasn’t in anyone’s debt or pocket. Stop drinking the Kool aid and look realistically at the world situation Mary Kay.

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