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Rolly Jean Herring

Rolly Jean Herring, son of Basil Alexander & Nellie (Soma) Herring, was born August 29, 1925, at Clearfield, Iowa.

            Rolly grew up in a loving home where his mother’s heart of gold afforded Rolly and his siblings’ lifelong pleasant memories & kindness to be thankful of. His parents worked at any job to be had to provide, like so many others, during the great depression, for their children and extended family. The values that Rolly exhibited his entire lifetime, no doubt, were results of those formative years of childhood.

            Rolly’s health issues as a child that would challenge him his entire lifetime were met with determination, a positive attitude, thankfulness, and appreciation of those that helped him overcome certain obstacles. Scarlet Fever and other complications as an infant caused hearing, eyesight, and speech problems for Rolly that, many may not overcome. Rolly’s mother & teachers greatly helped him to deal with these adversities and to succeed. His studies, artwork and success in sports all resulted from this determination & dedication. 1st team southwest Iowa football lineman for the Clearfield Orioles helped lead the team to an undefeated season in the fall of 1944.

            Following high school & the end of World War II gave Rolly the opportunity for employment on the west coast. The lumber mills lured many Midwesterners to Oregon & Washington. Rolly spent 40 years employed with Pacific Lumber in Coos Bay, Oregon before returning to Iowa.

            Rolly and his brother, Rupert, never married but had a lady so dear to them that their entire life and responsibilities were centered around her, their mother, Nellie. Rolly routinely returned to Iowa to visit his mom who resided at Clearview Home and where his brother was head of maintenance. After a heart attack forced Rupert’s retirement, Rolly took early retirement and returned home to look after his mom and brother. He lived with Rupert and took over his job at Clearview Home.

            Two 65- to 75-year-old “independent” bachelor brothers living together for the first time since childhood created lots of excitement to say the least. Besides independent, competitive might be another fitting description. Bill Cornick of Cornick Chevrolet in Creston always said, “Rolly & Rupert are my best customers. If one bought a new car, within 6 months, the other one bought a new car!” This went one for about 10 years. Rolly’s dedication and respect to his workplace, co-workers, and the residents of Clearview Home was admired by all that had the opportunity to cross paths with Rolly.

            After working in the lumber industry with only men and being a bachelor all of his life, Rolly had quite an awakening when he started working at Clearview with 40 women and no men. Rolly, being very frugal and cost conscience, sometimes got the last word in.

            He always took all of the T.P. rolls that were 90%-95% gone to the lady’s employee lounge restroom.

            All full rolls were locked up & never available to the employee restroom! A few of the gals were very irritated to say the least but Rolly just winked & said, “Just trying to save money for Joe & Patty.”

            “Independent, stubborn, an innate fixedness of purpose”, yes, these at times could describe Rolly. “Compassionate, loyal, frugal, friendly, honest, trustworthy, hard-working, kind, dedicated, respectful of God & country”-these qualities would also describe Rolly Herring minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, and year by year. Those of us that were able to really know Rolly, have been truly blessed.

            Rolly passed away in his sleep in the early morning hours of April 22, 2022, at Clearview Estates where he resided the past 2 years, having reached the age of 96 years, 7 months, and 23 days. He was preceded in death by his parents, siblings Rupert, Hazel, Pauline, Don.

            Survivors include his sister-in-law Charlene Marsh of Marionville, MO; nieces and nephews Colleen Stewart, Mike Herring, Diana Stark, Mark Herring, Garland Huryta, John Curphey, Lyle Curphey, Patricia Herrman, Kathy Miskell, Bill Sickels; other relatives and friends. Rolly had a sincere connection to his siblings and their spouses and nieces and nephews. He spoke often of them and their family and had great interest in their lives.

Graveside services will be held at 2 p.m., Thursday, May12, 2022 at the Clearfield Cemetery in Clearfield, Iowa. Armstrong Funeral Home in Mount Ayr is in charge of the arrangements.

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