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Trump was a success

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  1. Mike Buchanan on August 3, 2022 at 11:42 am

    Well, he started lying by saying he would be so busy he would not have time for golf, but he golfed every weekend, at the taxpayers’ expense, when he charged rooms and food for the secret service! Then he saluted a North Korean General which no President should ever do. Shall we now start on Putin? Trump looked like he was a puppet with Putin pulling the strings! Then let’s go to the insurrection, He got the crowed going on the march to the Capital building, where they entered and where people were killed and injured. Trump watched and never really wanted but after a long time finally told his storm troopers to back down. I sure would not want a man like that in the Whitehouse ever again, he started racist actions and brought the worst in people! I Biden is not the answer to are problems, I vote Independent, but for me I would be willing to vote for Pence!

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