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Asks support for Ranger Kate

To the editor:
The Ringgold County Conservation Board wishes to express its appreciation to County Conservation Executive Director, Kate Zimmerman. Kate has been the main catalyst for improvements to our parks for the last 12 years.
Her enthusiastic and professional dedication to our county has been tremendous! Dragoon Trace Center, Liberty Lake, Picnics in the Park, and Holiday Lighted Park at Poe Hollow are a few of her successful endeavors that have brought new experiences and education to the citizens of Ringgold County and beyond. From children that know “Ranger Kate”, to residents of our nursing homes, Kate has sought to enlighten their lives with a connection to nature.
When faced with budget cuts or freezes by the Board of Supervisors, Kate has always responded by writing numerous grants to not only supplement our current programs, but also to start new projects for the county. In her 12 years, she has never exceeded the county budget.
In her role as Executive Director, Kate has greatly exceeded our expectations for advancing the conversation programs in our county while also managing and protecting our parks for the safe use of our patrons.
Unfortunately, a conflict occurred on Dec. 5th in Poe Hollow Park concerning public safety regarding the detonation of a potential bomb. The incident included Kate, a member of the Board of Supervisors, a Board of Supervisors electee, and a County Deputy Sheriff. Due to the circumstances that occurred that day, the Conversation Board now believes we are in danger of losing our very valuable Executive Director!!!
If you wish to show your support of Kate —- please take a moment to call, email, text, the Board of Supervisors or attend the Conservation Board Budget meeting with the County Supervisors at the Courthouse on Jan. 23rd, at 4:30 p.m..
Respectfully Submitted by the Ringgold County Conservation Board:
Susie Catanzareti
Randy Bishop
Doug Frost
Jim Norris
Dale Walkup

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