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GOLD Center letter to the editor

To the editor:
The GOLD Center board is appreciative of the Record News covering the public meeting on June 12, 2023. At that meeting a lot of information was presented, and we would like to share a few clarifications.
With the GOLD Center still in the early stages of development, any information presented were projections and only projections.
Research had been conducted to help the finance team create this projected budget.
The membership rates are also just a projection. It is our goal to provide access to the facility for as many Ringgold County residents as possible and we are exploring all avenues to achieve this goal.
At the present time, the only grant secured is a grant SWCC received for $1M for the CTE (Continuing Education) component of the facility.
The team has researched many grants and their granting guidelines that could possibly fit for this type of facility, compiling a list in which to reach out to when that time arises.
Reference was made that six of the nine board members were in attendance, however, Kim Bishop is a member of the board. Board members are very passionate about this project and many wear multiple hats within the community. We would note that Mike Kemery does not represent Ringgold County Development.
Thank you for your continued support of the GOLD Center, a 501C3 entity, helping move this economic catalyst for Ringgold County forward.

GOLD Center Board

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