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Looking Back by Lora Stull

One Hundred
Years Ago
(From the Mount Ayr Record-News,Thursday, September 26, 1923.)
O.T. Myers of Afton, Union County, says that a few days ago a letter postmarked Ames, IA and addressed to “Jim Saxon”, an alleged dope fiend who is being held in the county jail, waiting consideration of his case, was received at the office of sheriff Fred Collings. On the envelope were two one-cent stamps. Sheriff Collings was suspicious of the letter and stamps and consequently removed the stamps and found hidden underneath enough morphine to have made a good “shot” for the man to whom it was addressed. The letter was held and the matter turned over to the State Narcotics authorities.
The merchants of Mount Ayr have made arrangements for a free matinee to be given at the Princess Theater every Wednesday afternoon beginning October 3. A good feature picture and comedy will be shown each week, and the entertainment will be free to all who care to attend.
Marriage: Monday, Bonnie Snipe and Sherman Fish…September 22, Thayer Cook and Mary Brown.
Births: Last week a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kirk.
Obituaries in this edition were: David F. Hoffman, Arthur E. Axtell and Marjorie Marie Groves.
Years Ago
(From the Mount Ayr Record-News, Thursday, September 22, 1948.)
Mrs. Lizzie Mickael received word this week that the body of her late son, PFC Ivan Mickael, was scheduled to have arrived Monday at San Francisco, CA, aboard the US Army Transport Sergeant Crain. American dead, numbering 3,500 interred in the USAF Cemetery, Manilla No. #1 and #2 are being returned to the states on the transport.
Five persons from Ringgold County were injured Monday morning in an automobile accident, which happened one mile east of the Elmer Schlapia farm. The cars, one a 1941 Chevrolet driven by Corwin Main and going west, the other a 1929 Model A, driven by Lloyd Borrusch of Tingley, headed south, collided at a blind corner. Riding in the Borrusch car were, Mrs. T.R. White, Barbara and Doris Borrusch and Betty Mason.
Mrs. David Irving was complimented with a pink and blue shower Friday evening in the home of Mrs. Bill Johnson, with twenty-five guests sharing the courtesy.
Marriages: September 20, Fern Lane and Lester Barnews…July 30, Rowena Hubert and Don Curtis… September 18, Betty McAninch and Donald Barker.
Births: September 8, a son, to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bailey…September 16, a son, to Mr. and Mrs. Levi Williams…September 16, a son, to Lieut. and Mrs. Russell Verploegh…September 18, a son, Alan Craig, to Mr. and Mrs. Bob Lynch.
Years Ago
(From the Mount Ayr Record-News, Thursday, September 27, 1973.)
Dave Irving was the first to buy a ticket from Rick Stull for the Jaycee first annual demolition derby to be held this coming Saturday at the Ringgold County Speedway west of town.
Candidates for title of Mount Ayr Community high school homecoming queen include five seniors, Sally Hunt, Angi Fisher, Vickie Irving, Sandy Comer and Bonnie Still.
More than 60 persons attended the worship service for the ground-breaking ceremony for the new church home of the First Lutheran church of Mount Ayr, September 23.
Milt Henderson has received a certificate and a lapel pin in recognition of 30 years of service with Iowa Extension Service. The award was made by the United States Department of Agriculture.
Marriages: July 28, Susan Sobotka and Michael Eastin…July 22, Diane Buck and Richard Bogan…August 31, Ron Davis and Shirley O’Connor.
Births: September 17, a son, to Mr. and Mrs. Tyrone Briner…September 21, a son, to Mr. and Mrs. James Welch…September 22, a son, to Rev. and Mrs. Bruce Frederickson… September 23, a son, to Mr. and Mrs. David Cool.
Obituaries in this edition were G. Hoyt Morse, Homer R. Stevens, Alfred S. Henry and John Clement Shay.
Years Ago
(From the Mount Ayr Record-News, Thursday, September 17, 1998.)
A Mount Ayr Community student has been named one of 15,500 semifinalists in the 44th annual National Merit Scholarship program. Michael J. Faris, son of Rod and Elizabeth Faris of Mount Ayr has been named as one of the top academically and talented high school seniors in the nation.
Another Centurian in Ringgold County was honored at a ceremony at Mount Ayr Health Care recently. Leota Hogue, who is 100 years old was honored with a certificate from govenor Terry Branstad.
Clearview Home of Mount Ayr hit another milestone on Tuesday, September 15 when they admitted their fifteen hundredth resident. Clearview opened in February 1963.
Named as royalty for Ayr Days contest Saturday morning were, runner up, Tricia Routh, daughter of Joe and Julie Routh of Mount Ayr and queen, Melissa Sobotka, daugther of Steve and Cyndi Sobotka of Mount Ayr.
Births: September 4, a son, Jacob, to Mr. and Mrs. Jason Hansen.
Obituaries in this edition were: Lyndal Lou Monday Sackett, Vera Bell Shields Hacker, Ruby Nadine Fletcher Heimke and Beverly J. Evans Anderson.
Ten Years Ago
(From the Mount Ayr Record-News, Thursday, September 26, 2013.)
Festivities are in full swing for homecoming 2013-Queen candidate include Brook Rychnovsky, Allison Wallace, Jazmine Spurrier, Paige Daughton, Leah Klejch. King candidates are Jacob Beamgard, Cody Stackhouse, Erik Freed, Mason Mercer, and Jacob Sobotka.
The Ringgold Outdoor Alliance raised a net total of $15,844 at its annual banquet and auction last Saturday. Proceeds will go towards a variety of projects and events in Ringgold County in the coming year.
Marriage: July 20, Larry White and Kathleen Meyer.
Births: August 27, a daughter, Adlyn, to Mr. and Mrs. Alex Mercer…May 30, a daughter, Kenzington, to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McAlexander…September 17, a son, Jase, to Mr. and Mrs. Brett England…September 7, a daughter, Ava, to Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Whittington…September 21, a daughter, too Keylee, to Trisha Moffitt and Jeremy Smith.
Obituaries in this edition were: Frances Parker Bullock and Donnie Gene “Doc” Ross.

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