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A public notice from the Ringgold County Board of Supervisors has set an administrative recount for Thursday, November 9 at 3:00 p.m.

Of 3,268 registered voters in Ringgold County, 752 cast their vote in the city/school election on November 7, 2023.

While there were no clear winners in the City of Kellerton, the City Council of Mount Ayr will soon be represented by a predominantly female council for the first time in the history of the city. Chandra Poore will retain her seat on the Mount Ayr city council after also winning the special election just a few months ago. She will soon be joined by Jessica Murphy, and Rachael Rumple, who narrowly beat out Michael Wik. Chandra Poore, Jessica Bishop and Mack Greene will welcome new council members at their first meeting in January of 2024.

In the contested Mount Ayr School Board race, Patricia West and Craig Winemiller will retain their seats on the board, and will be joined by Samantha Jo Elliott  who received 350 votes,  beating out Jim Uhlenkamp by just over 50 votes.

The vote totals below will not become official until they are canvassed by the county board of supervisors next week.
• Those who appear to have won public favor and will represent their respective city council/school board are bulleted.

City of Beaconsfield
Mayor:     Write in Votes (2)
City Council (Vote for 3):     Write in Votes (6)

City of Benton
Mayor:     Don Zollman (8)
City Council (Vote for 3)
• Daron Richie (8)
• Sharon Bowen (8)
• Karyn Graham (8)

City of Diagonal
Mayor:      Lester Elliott (34)
City Council (Vote for 3):
• Shon O’Kelley 32
• James A. Norris 33
• Doug Ruby 34

City of Ellston
Mayor:      Write in Votes (6)
City Council (Vote for 5):
Write in Votes 28

City of Kellerton – no clear winners as write in votes may determine final results
Thomas Giles (30)
Write in Votes (45)

City Council (Vote for 3):
Thomas Joseph Mate (31)
Kathy Comer Johnston (31)
Jackelynn Giles (53)
Write in Votes (109)

City Council (Vacancy):
• Christina Noel 70

City of Maloy
Mayor:      Write in Votes (3)
City Council (Vote for 3):
Write in Votes 6

City of Mount Ayr
Mayor:      Steve Fetty (231)
City Council (Vote for 3):
• Chandra Kay Poore (242)
• Jessica Murphy (200)
• Rachael Rumple (113)
Michael Wik (102)
Write in Votes (6)


City of Redding
Mayor:      Jeff Quick (15)
City Council (Vote for 5):
• Frank Baker (15)
• Jeff Overholser (13)
• Bob McCully (13)
• Barbara Clark (13)
Write in Votes (10)

City of Tingley
Mayor:      Write in Votes (15)
City Council (Vote for 3):
Write in Votes  (39)

Sun Valley RIZ Board (Vote for 1):
• Michael Chapman 43
Rudy Lucia 27

Diagonal School Board
District At Large (3)
• Becky Stamps 60
• JP Whittington 59
• Pamela R. Grace 57
Write in Vote 2

Mount Ayr School Board
District At Large (Vote for 1):
• Samantha Jo Elliott (350)
Jim Uhlenkamp (297)

District 1 (Vote for 1):
• Craig Winemiller (378)
Mark Budach (282)

District 3 (Vote for 1):
• Patricia West (374)
Brian Carroll Still (280)

Mount Ayr School Public Measure
To adopt a Revenue Purpose Statement specifying the use of revenues the Mount Ayr Community School District will receive from the State of Iowa, Secure an Advanced Vision for Education Fund.

YES – 496      NO – 86
You can find more information about election results on the Ringgold County Auditor web page.

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