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Christmases remembered

To the editor:
As Christmas comes, I am reminded of past Christmases and traditions.
Family and Church comes to mind. The traditions we would experience through our lives from a young age. Then, as we grow up, marry, and have children of our own, we like to continue those traditions.
I have many fond memories of Wishard Chapel growing up. I remember the Christmas celebrations, programs, and special events throughout the year. Christmas was always a magical time. The lights, the smells, and most importantly the love!
My first memory was always the Christmas programs. A real Christmas tree for decoration, candles in the windows, and Carols being sung. The children would say their pieces, Grandma Mary would sing Oh Holy Night operatically, with Patty Pollock at the piano.
I vividly remember standing by the advent wreath, getting ready to sing a solo, (I was maybe 11-12), I was dressed in biblical headdress, when my Grandpa Bob yelled, “Sis! you’re gonna catch yourself on fire!” My scarf that was covering my head was too close to the candle and almost caught up in flames. I was more embarrassed that he yelled at me than I was afraid of the fire.
When the program was over, we all would go downstairs for potluck, and fellowship. But, the most exciting part was when Santa came, aka Charles Bennett. Every baby got their picture taken with Santa. The famous picture of a crying baby.
So many of us have those pictures.
We would enjoy giving and receiving presents from our Sunday School teacher and everyone, even the adults would get a brown paper bag of old-fashioned candy and peanuts to take home. These are treasured memories I will never forget!
I am not a historian, but I do value history and especially genealogy. I am the 5th, my children, the 6th generation of my family who have been members of Wishard Chapel.
A.C. & Sara Trullinger, Frank & May McCreary, Bob & Mary McCreary, Jim & Carol Anne McCreary, Ed, (Tina) McCreary, Nial, Barbie (McCreary) Belzer, Andrew, (Addie) & Laurie Anne Belzer. Many more extended families, Tidrick/Pollock, Lameroux/Weeda, to name a few.
Now we are building a new church! The excitement is real. But let’s not forget how we got to where we are. As the song goes, “I know it’s just a buildin’, plain and simple white but it’s the buildin’ where Jesus changed my life.
Many who are reading this have their own memories. I would love to hear your fondest memory.
In honor of Christmas and in honor of our last Christmas in our beautiful little Chapel, our praise team and friends are celebrating with a Christmas Concert for our community. Please join us December 16 at 6 p.m. Refreshments will be served downstairs.
God Bless
McCreary Belzer
Mount Ayr

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