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‘Moms for Liberty’ news

To the editor:
There have been some interesting developments on the “Moms for Liberty” front.
You remember the conservative political movement started in Florida in 2021 by a trio of current and former school board members, Tina Descovich, Tiffany Justice, and Bridget Ziegler.
The organization advocates against school curricula that touch upon topics such as LGBT rights, race and ethnicity, critical race theory, and discrimination.
Of the top most challenged books in libraries and schools in 2020 were those who dealt with “racism, American History, and diversity in the United States.”
This movement, which has spread nationwide, has campaigned to ban books addressing gender and sexuality from school libraries. Governor Kim Reynolds embraced “Moms for Liberty” at a Town Hall on February 3, 2023 by hosting Tina Descovich.
While espousing; the moral high ground on the matter of books in school libraries, Bridget Zeigler might have feet of clay. Ziegler’s husband, State GOP leader Christian Ziegler, has been accused of sexual assault by a woman who had a “menage at trois” relationship with Christian and Bridget.
No longer a member of “Moms for Liberty,” Ziegler left the organization in the spring of 2021. She is currently the chairwoman of the Sarasota County School Board so she can act as a watchdog over the morals of students and teachers.
Not too surprising there have been increasing calls from Republican leaders for Christian Ziegler to resign and Bridget Ziegler to step down. Nikki Fried, Florida Democratic Party Chair, said, “as leaders of the Florida GOP and Moms for Liberty, the Zieglers have made a habit out of attacking anything they perceive as going against ‘family values’–be it reproductive rights or the existence of LGBTQ+Floridians.
The level of hypocrisy in this situation is stunning.” Ziegler, who has strong ties to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is also a member of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District overseeing Disney World. In addition, she serves as the director of school board programs for The Leadership Institute, a national nonprofit that trains conservatives to run for office.
The Zieglers are just another example of the duplicity of who have appointed themselves as guardians of public morality.
Mary Kathryn

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  1. Sheila on January 7, 2024 at 2:11 am

    Yeah, great idea!
    Let’s remove all sources of information and support from our young people’s most familiar, safe, and secure place their school library where there’s teachers and peers to find the information that they may be looking desperately for as they try to figure out who they are. Yeah let’s FORCE them out in the streets and worse as they’re now feeling less than human to discover what they may or may not be searching for from OTHERS!

    Great idea moms!

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