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John Sedwick Kirby

John Sedwick Kirby died at Oak Park, IL., September 18, 1918 aged 84 years, one month and eighteen days. He lived in Mount Ayr from 1867 to 1892, during which time he was associated with a variety of business enterprises. Since 1892 he has resided in our near Chicago, IL. He leaves a wife in Oak Park, IL,  a son George M. Kirby, of Buffalo, N.Y. and a daughter, Mrs. W.E. Martin of Oak Park, IL.

Our old settlers will remember John Kirby as one of the most active men in our county in the 70’s and 80’s in promoting public enterprises, schools, churches, court house, creamery, canning factory, railroads, some of which were successful and some were not, but all were worth while and he spent much time and money trying to bring them to pass. The size and beauty of Rose Hill Cemetery, where he was laid away, is one of visible monuments to the work of his hands. No one ever told John Kirby a hard luck story without receiving prompt and generous assistance, whether they were worthy or not made no difference. All he wanted to know was their need.

He was a charter member of the Church of Christ in Mount Ayr and was active in the early history of this congregation. His faith in Christ continued strong to the end of his life. He found great comfort in the promises of the Holy Word and in prayer.

The funeral was conducted Saturday forenoon, September 21, from the Church of Christ by the pastor, W.R. Foster.

Mr. Kirby was an uncle of M.E. Freeland. Those out of town in attendance were George M. Kirby, Buffalo; Mrs. W.E. Martin and daughter Lois of Oak Park; Henry A. Kirby, aged 89, a brother of the deceased from Wayne County, Iowa; Mr. and Mrs. George Kirby of Cambria, Iowa; Walter Berkey and daughter, Maxine of Humeston, Iowa and Mrs. Laura McConnell of Boise, ID.

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