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  Olivia was born on December 22, 2000 to Carl and Karla Taylor at Methodist Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska. Olivia was called home on July 5, 2013 while surrounded by family. Olivia had just completed sixth grade at Rockbrook Elementary in May. 

Olivia was a very cheerful girl from the time she was able to express herself. It was not uncommon for Olivia to wave and say, ‘Hi’ to nearly everyone in the grocery store as she sat in the grocery cart. She remained known as someone who was very liberal with hugs and her big beautiful smile. Olivia always had a huge heart and time for younger kids. She treated them with such patience and love and always made time for them. 

She has always had a love for animals and knew an amazing amount of facts about animals and wildlife. One of her favorite books was an encyclopedia with facts where she could learn even more. 

She loved to express herself through singing and dance. She participated in the National American Miss Pageant in 2011 and had a wonderful experience. Art was another way she loved to express herself. 

Olivia always loved visits to her Grandpa and Grandma’s farm near Mount Ayr. She was outside from sunup to sundown playing with animals, exploring and playing with Jasmine. She also was very intrigued by the Amish families who lived near her grandparents and at one point Olivia was convinced she wanted to be Amish. From the time Olivia was a few years old, she went with her grandparents, mom and sister to the Ringgold County Fair. Those were some of Olivia’s favorite times. She cherished the many friends she made at the fair. She was most proud of her watermelon eating contest wins — five years in a row, not to mention the bubble blowing and paper airplane flying contests.

Olivia spent many summer vacations in Michigan enjoying quality time with family and playing at the beach and parks. 

Sports quickly became a very important part of Olivia’s life a few years ago when she embarked on basketball and softball. She not only excelled in both sports but met many amazing friends. She was selected for the Boys & Girls Club All-Star team as a fifth and sixth grader, MVP of Columbus Fire & Ice tournament where she hit a three-run home run.

In her spare time, some of Olivia’s favorite things were communicating with friends on social media, watching TV, swimming and hanging out with Jasmine.

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