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Garden gnomes have become a popular accessory in many gardens. In certain locale, however, the garden gnomes have become the target of pranks: People have been known to return garden gnomes “to the wild,” notably France’s Front de Liberation des Nains de Jardins and Italy’s MALAG (Garden Gnome Liberation Front). Some kidnapped garden gnomes have been sent on trips around the world. Gnomes have been described as capable of moving through solid earth as fish move through water.–Wikepedia

Mount Ayr appears to have a gnome problem, specifically the theft of three gnomes from Cathy Ward’s residence on East Jefferson Street several weeks ago. According to the Ringgold County Sheriff’s report, one was recovered Monday, July 24 in the middle of an intersection, and later returned home.
The other two, tragically, are still AWOL.
Ringgold County Sheriff Rob Haley said that his department has no leads in the case of the missing gnomes.
“Probably a group of kids,” he said.
It didn’t sound like he was going to call in the FBI on this case.
The missing gnomes have given rise to conspiracy theories by some in the community (OK just by the newspaper staff, but we’re part of the community).
Did the group from France which frees garden gnomes and returns them to the wild move to Mount Ayr and begin their gnome-freeing rampage?
Is it really true the gnomes can move freely underground and the missing gnomes took off on their own?
Intriguing, if not stupid, questions to ask.
Whatever the reason, Cathy Ward wants her two gnomes back. If you know their where-abouts, please let the sheriff’s department know.
Better yet, let us at the newspaper know. We would love to bring a gnome home.

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  1. Jill (Thomas) Davis on August 19, 2023 at 2:56 pm

    Gnomebody has seen them, Cathy

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