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    Soelistyati was born on March 13, 1936 in Turen – East Java, Indonesia to Joewono Bertham and Moerwani Kasihno. She was the second daughter of six children.
    After graduating from middle school, Lis continued to midwife academy at the general hospital in Malang – East Java in 1960. She then worked at a hospital after graduating from the academy and later headed a mother-child health center (Balai Kesehatan Ibu Anak – BKIA) in the 1960s.
    She married her childhood friend, Wim Banoe, in 1966 and became a housewife. The family then moved to Jakarta in 1970. She was a patient, caring and loving individual who was active in church. She was a member of the J01avanese church, Gereja Kristen Jawa Jakarta in Rawamangun. She enjoyed cooking, sewing, gardening and tidying.
    Lis is survived by her husband, Wim Banoe; sisters, Ari Mudiati, Ari Bawani (Jonias), Hermintayu (Hani Lahindah), in-laws, Wahyudi Sujodo (Ary Sutiary), Robert (Linda) Haley, son Victor Emanuel (Chrisdian Oktavia); daughters, Vera Haley (friend Caine Poore) of Mount Ayr and Veni Listya Wibawani (Eko Triwidadi), sons-in-law, Ruby Laksmono and Bobby Haley, grandchildren, Orchidea Ruviannisa, Orchardio Lakstiko, Orchideta Byviannisa, Orchidilla Magdalena, Jethro Jevico Emanuel Nodas, Vincent Euclid Pierro, Verlyn Laura Kay Olyvia, Breanne Listya Gale Haley, Chrystabella Evangeline, and Gabriella Listyani, nieces and nephews, many relatives and a host of friends.
    Preceding her in death were her parents; sisters, Haruniati (Soedibyo); brothers, Budi Santiko, Sri Wiyakti, Hertjono, Soemektoadi; brother-in-law, Widayat, in-laws Hadi Hardjono (Pandiyem), and daughter, Elvi Septyati.
    Funeral and consolation services were held at the home with Rev. Yoel M. Indrasmoro officiating.
    Burial was at Pondok Kelapa Cemetery in Jakarta, Indonesia.


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